leak, radiator fan and others problems

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leak, radiator fan and others problems

Postby Boo » Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:59 am

Hello you all,

After much thoughts and research I've decided to post here and bother you guys with my problems. Not that I really wanted to but I've reached a point where I can't help it.

Well I've moved in Valdosta GA 2 years ago and bought my 2011 Mini base model 1 year and half ago. (150k mileage)
I had one major problem that cost me about twice the amount in a German Import Garage. Those people will suck your blood. But I had no choice and didn't know where else to go...(Belt exploded and destroyed the tenser and harmonizer - this is chinese for me those words. was charged $1500)

2 months ago I've noticed the carpet got really wet after a heavy night of rain, as a result the electronics in my car went crazy. Because the Footwell module probably got humide as well. I bought a car cover as I still didn't find the culprit. Everything seems to keep working as far as the car doesn't take too much water.

Yesterday after a 10 minutes drive the Radiator Fan was spinning, which is weird because the engine didn't get hot at all.
It was doing this weird click click noise (see attached video), and stopped turning after a while.

So I assume the sensor is not working well since the fan started spinning for no reasons. I assume I have to buy a new fan assembly unit which doesn't seem to be expensive if you do it yourself. If I bring it to the local repair is he going to ask me $600 + probably another extra 200 to find how the water find its way into the car + 500 because he is going to tell me I have to replace the footwell module + another 150 for labor.

Now is there any place, even if I have to drive to Jacksonville, where I could get a fair labor? Or is it just a lost cause, and money pit to get rid of ASAP?

I would really appreciate if you could point me toward the right direction.

Thank you in advance for your help, you are the last hope of my Mini cooper [-o<

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Re: leak, radiator fan and others problems

Postby speedy1 » Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:50 am

I have heard of a similar issue in the past, however, I have not had that issue. Our webpage is very quiet ever since facebook d... you may want to check there. Jacksonville Area MINI Motorers
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