For sale: 2005 R53 with only 79k miles.

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For sale: 2005 R53 with only 79k miles.

Postby McHaggis » Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:13 pm

If it weren't for a divorce and the need for a truck, this post would not be happening. :cry:

Will find a place to put images so I can show them inline here, but here's a folder full in the meantime:

"Minerva" had only one owner before me and was low miles 3 years ago. During my 3 years with her, she's reached 79k and change. About a year / 7k gentle miles ago, I had to replace the clutch. Since the expensive labor was being done, I went ahead and fixed and serviced nearly everything under the hood:
    Upgraded clutch
    New AC system (the old worked but made noise)
    New alternator, battery, control arms, suspension bushings, tires, coolant reservoir
    Serviced the supercharger

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I've had all work done at Maitland Importers in Orlando and all repairs are on file.

Bottom line: she behaves like new and shouldn't need a thing for a good while.

Other info:
    Close-ratio 6 speed manual
    16% SC pulley
    M7 Cold air intake
    Sony stereo head unit--sounds much better than stock and allows bluetooth connections for music.

The only known "issues" are so minor as to not be issues, but I want to be as transparent as I can: She has the "Chrono" dash package, which puts a nice gauge pod in the middle of the dash. These gauges work except for the coolant temp, which works only sometimes. This I addressed with a programmable Ultragauge (see pics). This currently shows coolant temp, intake air temp, HP and Torque, but can be changed to show pretty much anything the car's computer tracks.

The Ultragauge also will display any error codes or warnings that the car detects. There is only one it ever displays: P0456, which is the fuel vapor recovery near the gas cap. Maitland Importers has tested twice to find any place where that might be a problem and whatever it is is too small to detect. So this causes no problem other than sometimes seeing the "check engine" light.

Asking 6500 obo. I want this car to go to a good home. Anybody want to be the one to see her reach 80,000 on the odometer? Feel free to email me at andyroy302 at yahoo dot com.
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