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GMRS radios

Postby BillTheCat » Sat Dec 10, 2016 7:50 pm

OK, so this is sort of MINI-adjacent, but many of us own FRS/GMRS radios for use on group drives & outings. Mine gave out during last year's MINIs on the Dragon, and I need a new one (or pair). In the past, I have just sort of gone to Best Buy & bought whatever looked best to my uninformed eye. I'd like to ask for some opinions from folks about their current GMRS radios.

What I know I want:

-Excellent CLARITY.
-Good RANGE.
-MUST be able to recharge AND swap in alkaline batteries for emergencies.
-MUST be GMRS capable. FRS is simply not enough. (Does anyone still make FRS-only radios?)
-Would LIKE to be able to use a mini or micro USB charger so I can charge in the car, but not 100% necessary.
-EASE of use. I've tried some radios where you needed an instruction manual & an engineering degree to set the channel. Something that's relatively intuitive would be good.
-Relatively small size would be nice.

So... if you like your radios, tell me what brand (model if possible) and why you dig them. Super easy to use? Great volume and/or clarity? Cool features? Tell me about it!

Muchas gracias!
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