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cell phone mounts

Postby captbj » Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:04 pm

I tried to capture the guts of a FB discussion so we could find it in the future:

Anyone recommend a good I Phone holder for the Mini. Have tried 3 different types and they are all garbage. Would prefer dash mounted with an arm that comes lower that top of dashboard.

Have you tried the Craven Speed mount that attaches to the back of the tach? MINI-Smart-Phone-Mounting

Mountek snap!, cheap and awesome

Nope sorry. I'm a bit anal about where I want it to sit. Sort of alongside the speedo but just below the top of the dashboard. And it's not because of the cost of the Cravenspeed.

you realize th CS is very adjustable? I believe you CAN postion there ......

Guess I need to take. A closer look at this one. Have find someone who has one to get a good look at how/where it installs

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