THUMPER Performance and r50's

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THUMPER Performance and r50's

Postby thumper460 » Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:03 pm

Is building POWER for your r50 MINI Cooper..... Proven Performance and Proven Results

If you feel, you too, can benefit from more power in your MINI read the testimonies from a few Drivers....
Purpose Built Custom TPR-1 Ported Cylinder Head......

"I mean, first gear is a dream now. Second is amazing, and, well..."
".....the dip between 3-4K RPM's is gone. It keeps pulling all the way to redline"
" The thing that amazed me the most was the acceleration. The car just picks up and wants to go."
" The power doesn't die untill 6k rpm in 5th, when its going 130 mph"
" Part throttle acceleration is crisp - full throttle is greatness. It actually pulls everywhere, even down low...."
" Next thing I know it's 5K RPMs and I have to be alert to shift. And then it's the same thing again."

The TPR1 Head for your r50 is designed for the needs of your engine requirements. The work on the TPR1 head is specific to keep the low to mid range and yet pull strong thru the entire rpm range ( as noted in the above testimonies).

This is done with the Port work in the runners, the throat and bowl area and of course the Performance Valve job with the back cut, or "Flow cut" on the valves.

TPR1 Ported Cylinder Head for the r50 : $1195.00 exchange ( *free shipping in USA and UK)

Add: $270.00 (ex) for NS1 Performance Camshaft
Add: $310.00 (ex) for NS2 Performance Camshaft

Full TPR1 Head and Cam Combo:includes: TPR1 Head/ NS camshaft/ Head Gasket/ Intake and exhaust gaskets/ Valve cover Gasket / ARP Head Studs kit..

Maybe this New Year is the time...

Happy New Year!!



Worlds FIRST Quickest Supercharged Mini
11.16 @ 123.1
Uses the TPR-2 Performance Head
Uses TPR2r Performance Head
280+ WHP R56
Uses Thumper Head
350 WHP r53 Turbo 91 octane /17 PSI
Uses TPR2rT Head

Mynes tuned .... is Yours?
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